Samuel Barnes is an up-and-coming, Sydney-based director, writer, editor. He is a Media Arts & Production graduate from the University of Technology, Sydney and in studied documentary and 16mm filmmaking at the prestigious University of Texas at Austin.

After graduating universtiy, he has had successes with short-form content. His award-winning films Dream Reel (2015) and Kent Stay in the Woods (2017) having screened in various global film festivals.

Samuel’s connection with nature and longing to explore the human condition inspires his filmmaking practice. He is intrigued by narratives that explore dichotomies of love and fear, real and mystical,  creation and destruction, natural and artificial; and making meaningful connections within these dualisms, through immersive, poetic imagery.  Samuel’s mission is to inspire others to find balance in this dislocated world and to act with love, respect and kindness.